KLT signed MoU with Kaifa Technology Malaysia Sdn. Bhd

To keep KLT on the cutting edge, KLT leaders are not only giving in time and efforts to engage in ongoing learning and development of the programmes itself, but also finding its way to maintain a focus on industry insight. With the fast evolution of technology, partnering with Kaifa Technology to collaborate on things that are working out the best for students is an inspirational exercise.

Following the courtesy visit of Kaifa Technology dated on Feb 14, 2022, the official signing of a Memorandum of Understanding which was held at the Kolej Laila Taib (KLT) marked the outset of the collaboration between KLT and Kaifa Technology Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. Kaifa Technology is a well-established technology-based China-listed company which strives to provide job opportunities and enhance its research capabilities through various collaborations with higher institutions.  

During the visit, Kaifa Technology shared their company projects which are focusing on manufacturing products of medical and non-medical devices such as ventilators and drones respectively. The company has penetrated the Sarawak market for human resources hunting to cater for their project’s shortfall in human capital, especially electronic and electrical segment, etc. Meanwhile, KLT’s management also shared the collaborative possibilities with Kaifa Technology for students to have a combination of academic evaluation plus industry assessment, or sponsorship of students to study at KLT.

Under this collaboration, students will have the opportunity to gain the unprecedented internship experience at Kaifa Technology in the areas of engineering technology, products designs and business ideas to solve the most impactful problems. Besides, educational visits and joint workshops will aim to enhance students’ industrial exposure and gain insight about contemporary issues in the real industry world. KLT will continue to work closely with the industries to ensure students gaining the knowledge and developing competencies required in this century. To stay ahead of the game, KLT has planned to create a culture of innovation with the aid of partnering with industries.