CEO’s Message

                                                   eric wong

Greetings and welcome everyone to Kolej Laila Taib (KLT) website.  I hope you will find it informative as you browse through.

Founded in 1997 as Kolej Bersatu Sarawak with the objective of providing the future generation with the opportunity to pursue an affordable quality education and further being renamed as Kolej Laila Taib in 2010, KLT has strived to be one of the leading higher institution providers in Sarawak.

KLT is uniquely placed as one of the main producers of competent and competitive human capital to industries which stand to benefit the development of Sarawak. From the initial implementation and development process to the future operations and expansion of these industries, KLT is primed to provide human capital who are not only well-trained but also able to incorporate the local context into their employment.

Thus, KLT intends to ensure that the future young generations of Sarawakians are able to contribute fully to the development of the state and derive its full benefits by providing a wide and unprecedented access to tertiary education through conducive teaching and learning environment to its students. Covering an area of 7 acres, KLT’s campus is equipped with the latest equipment and facilities to ensure that the students are provided with the necessary facilities required to assist them in reaching their full potential either in field of Business, Engineering or Built Environment.  Its team of highly qualified and dedicated academicians are always available to provide guidance as well as training to prepare students for the challenges ahead.

For those who are interested in becoming a part of KLT, we welcome you to a college that can change your life through programmes which are recognized by MOHE, MQA, JPA and related professional bodies both locally and internationally. Do feel free to give us a call, drop-by for a chat or browse through our website for more information.  Send us an email if you need any assistant on additional information that is not available on our website.  We appreciate your feedback on any areas that we can make improvements.

Thank You

Sr. Wong Kwong Lee
Chief Executive Officer