College Activities


In line with Kolej Laila Taib’s commitment to ensure employability of its graduates, Kolej Laila Taib is constantly in search of collaborations with suitable industry partners to bring to its students the latest employability skills and knowledge of the industry.

On this day, 18th April, 2023, a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was officially signed between Manulife Insurance Berhad and Kolej Laila Taib. Manulife Insurance Berhad is a subsidiary company under Manulife Malaysia. They have been providing financial advice, insurance, and wealth management solutions in Asia for more than 115 years. Their commitment is to drive social initiatives across their footprint to foster resilience in communities.

Manulife Insurance Berhad is the Bronze Winner for the HR Excellence Awards 2021 for Excellence in Employee Engagement. Such an award is clearly a proven achievement that Manulife Insurance Berhad has a lot to share with students of KLT on career and the career culture.

The MoU signing ceremony was attended by Mr. Damian Kho, Agency Director of East Malaysia from Manulife Insurance Berhad and Mr. Rail Wong, Unit Manager, representing Manulife Sibu, WongKS Agency. KLT was represented by Sr. Eric Wong Kwong Lee, Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Wong Xuan Yuan, Director of Studies and Amanda Lai, Head of Business Management Department. The ceremony was witnessed by staff and students of the College.

With the signing of this MoU with Manulife Insurance Berhad, Kolej Laila Taib is again taking a step forward in bringing its students closer to the industry and making them a more valuable asset to the community in the future.

KLT Educational Visit to Bakun Hydroelectric Plant

Educational visits / field trips always effectively promote real-world learning, social-emotional development and academic success. Not only it is a fun and a memorable time, there are constant opportunities for students to expand their own individual tacit knowledge crucial to higher level learning and problem solving skills.  KLT School of Engineering had organised a field trip to Bakun Hydroelectric Plant on 4th February 2023.  There were 32 participants for this educational visit which included 24 students (EE – 9; CE – 10 and QS – 5) and also 8 lecturers.

This educational visit aimed to promote experiential learning through exposure of real workplace environment.  In addition, it also helped to engage closer relationship among the students and lecturers.

Bakun Dam is an embankment dam located 180 km from Bintulu on the Balui River. There is a small bakun township which consists of the power plant, staff residential houses, clinic, recreational facilities etc.  Bakun Dam is the largest Hydroelectric Power Plant in Malaysia with an installed capacity of 2,400 MW.   Owned and operated by Sarawak Energy since 2017, currently it could supply around 50% – 60% of power demand of Sarawak.

During the visit, the students were briefed on the background of Sarawak Energy, construction and features of Bakun HEP.  After that the students were brought to the site and briefed by the engineers on the operations of the power plant.

This field trip was successful with all the objectives being achieved. The visit exposed them to the working environment and operations of a hydroelectric plant and thus stimulate students’ interest for their future internship/career.

Kolej Laila Taib’s Eductional Trip to Paling Construction Sdn Bhd

Kolej Laila Taib had organized an educational trip to Bintulu construction site at 3rd February 2023. The team comprised 8 lecturers and 24 students from Civil Engineering (CE), Quantity Surveying (QS) and Electrical and Electronic Engineering (EE) departments.

The construction site visited was Taman Kozai by Paling Construction Sdn. Bhd. which consist of 3-storey shophouses, 6-storey and 4-storey apartments, and spectra lite double and single storey terrace houses. These development are carried out in phases therefore the site consists of different stages of construction. From there, students are able to witness different stages of construction processes from foundation to completion. The main objective of the site visit is aimed to expose students to an actual environment of construction progress and from there they can relate their knowledge in studies into reality.

The visit was led by the Project Manager, Mr. Hoo Chee Kong and Project Engineer, Mr. Alvin P’ng. Commencing date of the project was end of year 2020, and those completed phases has being occupied now. Two blocks of 6-storey apartments are at piling stage while shophouses and other residential units have been at finishing stage. The construction site has been well managed, hence it is safe and easy for visitors to visit. Mr. Hoo and Mr. Alvin are experienced, professional and not hesitate to answer doubts from the team. The site visit ended successfully and students gained valuable cognition of what they will be contributing to the society in future.


Kolej Laila Taib is committed to bringing the highest quality education to its students. To do so, the College is constantly reviewing its programmes to ensure they are not only academically compliant but also industry relevant. This is to ensure that graduates from the College possess both the theoretical knowledge and industrial insights of their field of study.

On this day, 17th January, 2023, a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was officially signed between Delta Leasing Bhd and Kolej Laila Taib. Delta Leasing Bhd (formerly known as Delta Leasing Sdn Bhd) is a Sarawak based non-bank lending institution professionally managed by a group of experienced former bankers that offers auto loans, mortgage loans and insurance services to individuals and Small and Medium Enterprises. The MoU aims to explore possible collaborations for the benefits of the students in areas such as industrial engagement, and talks and workshops.

It was an honour to have Dr Gregory Hii Sui Cheng, the Director of Delta Leasing Bhd, together with Mr. Andy Wong Siew Kiat (Director), Mr. Seo Soon Huat (Director), Mr. Yong King Sung and representatives who visited the College to officiate and to witness the signing of the MoU. Preceding the signing, Sr. Eric Wong, CEO of KLT had a casual dialogue with Dr Gregory on issues relevant to education and what industry players can do to boost education in Sibu, making education one of the greatest attraction and income source for the development of Sibu.

With the signing of this MoU with Delta Leasing Bhd., it signifies a great start for the year for KLT, paving more industry collaborations in the future. KLT is again taking another step forward in producing graduates that are highly employable.

Site visitation to Crown Residence and Service Apartments, Sibu

The Quantity Surveying (QS) department of Kolej Laila Taib had organized an educational visit to Crown Residence and Service Apartments construction site at Sungai Merah Town District, Sibu (beside Wisma Persekutuan) on 2nd December 2022. The site visit was participated by 39 QS and CE students and 5 lecturers.

The main purpose of this site visit was to expose students to actual construction materials and processes.  Knowledge on construction technology and materials is of utmost importance to the students especially when doing measurement, estimating and other QS related tasks.

Mr. Lau, the Project Engineer from Access Elegance Sdn. Bhd., led the visit and briefed the students about the project’s details which consists of 1 block of apartment and 1 block of commercial shop units with service apartment.  He also explained to students the construction designs of the service apartment and its processes.

The visit was indeed an eye-opening that allowed students to get witness the on-site construction activities, materials and some architectural works.

Kolej Laila Taib signed MoU with Kumpulan Design, Sibu

An official signing of the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between Kolej Laila Taib (KLT) and Kumpulan Design (Sibu) organized by the Department of Architecture and Interior Architecture was successfully held on 29th November 2022. This collaboration is to further acknowledge the importance of engagement between the college and industry practitioners to provide a platform for the students to undertake industrial training, conduct educational workshops and talks as well as enhance industrial exposure for the students.


The courtesy visit by the Proprietor of Kumpulan Design, Dato Sri Ar. John Lau to KLT was welcomed by the Chief Executive Officer, Sr. Eric Wong, and the Director of Studies, Mr. Wong Xuan Yuan. Founded in 1977, Kumpulan Design started as an architectural firm on a modest scale as one of the pioneers in Sibu, Sarawak.


With more than 45 years of vast experience in the architecture practice, Dato Sri’s involvement in various types of projects including project management, architecture design, interior design, urban design, planning, and graphic design has led to the winning of numerous competitions and awards. Some successful milestones located in Sarawak are Borneo Convention Centre Kuching, New Sarawak Museum, and RH Tower.


During the visitation, Dato Sri Ar. John highlighted the importance of technical skills in the architectural context whereby it acquires the graduates to be equipped with efficient communicative skills, problem-solving skills, creativity, and coordination between architects and clients. Furthermore, he also pointed out the significance of internship training for architecture students to deliver their technical skills and knowledge in order to help them remain competitive in the industry.

Site Visitation to Double Storey Terrace House at Lorong Salim 28

On 25th November 2022, a group of 42 students and 5 lecturers from KLT QS & CE department visited a residential development at Lorong Salim 28. The developer cum main contractor is Golden Sun Construction Sdn. Bhd. The site visit aims to expose students to actual construction process.

According to Mr. Sim, the QS of the project, the project, which is Phase I, was commenced since 2020, but due to MCO, there’re some delay in the progress. Thus, it is expected to be completed by latest June 2023. However, Phase II is planned to commence after Phase I and is planned to be completed in year 2025.

The project consists of 3 rows double storey terrace house. Overall soil condition of the site is good. Students were able to witness certain progress of work such as ground floor slab reinforcement layout, embedding the electrical pole into the wall, plastering, construction drainage and many more. Mr. Sim patiently explained students’ doubt regarding the site.

It is a precious experience that all participants learn more and able to witness the actual site activities that have been learned from the book.

Kolej Laila Taib – Educational Trip to Penang

A group of 24 Architecture & Interior Architecture students, accompanied by their 4 lecturers, went on an educational trip to Penang from 16th to 20th of November, 2022.

The objective of this trip is to provide students the opportunity to explore George Town, which has the reputation of UNESCO World Heritage Site, featuring Malaysia’s best restored and re-adaptive traditional architecture. Students are able to broaden their horizons, and to further understand the blend of the diverse local culture.

The first destination was Penang Hill, also known as the back yard of Penang. It has rich cultural history, secret beauty, and tropical ecology. It is an excellent natural attraction in Penang. From experiencing up close with nature and appreciating the pristine rainforest ecology, the students went on to visit the TOP Komtar, which dominates Penang with its 68-storey building. Strolling on the rainbow skywalk on the top floor, one can overlook the beautiful scenery of the prosperous city. For the next few days, the students also visited the Blue Mansion (the former residence of Cheong Fatt Tze) and the Peranakan Museum to understand the exquisite design and space usage of traditional buildings. In addition, interior architecture students also visited some boutique hotel and themed restaurants to learn about creative interior space planning, collocation of building materials, furniture arrangement, and etc.

During the trip, students also visited Penang Equator College, grabbing the opportunity to appreciate the students’ artworks, including costume designs, art paintings, sculptures, and etc.

This educational trip also included team building at the ESCAPE theme park. Through a series of outdoor activities, students managed to relieve the pressure of schoolwork and life, stimulate cognition and potential, enhance team cohesion and fighting spirit, and thus devote themselves to schoolwork more effectively.

Students benefited a lot from this educational trip to Penang.


In conjunction with the WORLD ARCHITECTURE DAY 2022, the Pertubuhan Akitek Malaysia Sarawak Chapter (PAMSC) organized a bamboo installation and workshop on the 3rd of September 2022. This workshop was jointly supported by Majlis Bandaraya Kuching Selation (MBKS), Sarawak Creative Art and Cultural Association (SCACA) and Free & Easy Chinese Calligraphy Association.

The one-day event was started with lecture on bamboo design construction and design, followed by bamboo crafting workshop at the MBKS Auditorium and Palmeria Park. The event was participated by 110 students across 5 universities and college in Sarawak, namely UNIMAS, Swinburne University of Technology Sarawak, UiTM Samarahan Sarawak Campus, UTS and Kolej Laila Taib from Sibu to construct partially on the bamboo “Moon Pavilion” in conjunction with the Mid-Autumn Festival celebration and World Architecture Day in October.

The bamboo “Moon Pavilion” was designed by IntoDesign Lab and constructed 3 weeks ago by local community from Puncak Borneo using more than 500 pieces of bamboo. The bamboo structure will remain in the park for more than 6 months and serve as a backdrop for variety events such as mini concert, lectures and night movie screenings in the park for the community.

KLT QS Department paid a site visit to Projek Rancangan Tebatan Banjir Sibu (Fasa 3), Lembaga Batang Rejang Sibu

A group of 34 students and 2 lecturers from Kolej Laila Taib QS Department had visited the flood mitigation Project at Jalan Kampung Nangka on 26 August 2022 (Friday). The purpose of this site visit was to expose the students to the construction of pumping station and tidal gate control structure.

The site visit was led by Project Manager, Ir. Sia How Teck and Mr. Ling Chuan Hong, the site engineer. The turnkey contractor for this project was Kiasan Engineering Sdn. Bhd. The site consists of two pumping stations, tidal gate control structures, detention ponds, SESCO substations and MSB rooms. Other construction works including drainage upgrading works, drainage demolition works and road resurfacing works.

Unfortunately due to the site safety issue, students were not allowed to go into the site. We were much appreciated that the Project Manager, Ir. Sia had prepared the presentation slide to show to the students in their site office. The Project Manager, Ir. Sia presented about the scope of works for this project and shared the actual site photos with all the students. Moreover, Ir. Sia also further explain to the students about the function of pumping station. Ir. Sia even shared video clips that showed the before and current construction site which was recorded by drone.

This flood mitigation project was expected to be completed by 25 February 2023. According to site engineer, Mr. Ling, they are still preparing the documents to claim for extension of time for this project. Mr. Ling said that site management is very important in order for them to catch up the work progress. He has to arrange site workers to do repair works at different area from time to time. He also needs to settle disputes between contractor and kampung villagers when property damages happened due to contractor’s construction works.

The visit was indeed a beneficial trip that allowed students to gain new knowledge regarding the project of constructing pumping stations.