College Activities

KLT support the school effort to prevent crime and drugs

Drugs and crime have become a security issues and people talked about this every day. Various ways are used to curb the spread of drug abuse which in turn leads to criminal cases in the country. Early exposure and education about drug and crime is one of the main strategy of prevention and it best to start during the school days.

‘Laluan Pendidikan Pencegahan Dadah (PPDa)’ that was set up in schools is one of the steps taken by education department to create the awareness and spread the knowledge not only to the students, but also to teachers, education staff and parents.

Kolej Laila Taib (KLT) is honored to sponsor the ‘Laluan Pendidikan Pencegahan Dadah (PPDa)’ for SMK Rosli Dhoby Sibu. The sponsorship cheque was handed over by the representative of KLT, Miss. Lydia Ding on September 14, 2021. It is hoped that the sponsorship will be able to help the school to establish the best PPDa route to share the information with the students.

KLT Sponsor STU Sibu SPM Workshop

To boost the partnership between Kolej Laila Taib (KLT) and Sarawak Teachers’ Union (STU), KLT once again collaborate with STU Sibu to organize the SPM Workshop. The workshop will be held online and focus on Mathematics and Science subjects. The event will be live streaming through Facebook and YouTube in December 2021.

STU as represented by Mr Yong Sie Hing, the president of STU Sibu and Miss Ling Siew Ming, the Treasury Assistant of the union had attended the handover of the sponsorship on 8th September 2021 at KLT. The cheque was handed over by KLT’s Chief Executive Officer, Mr Eric Wong Kwong Lee.

It is an honour for KLT to take the opportunity to participate in the event. KLT shall continue to be the merchant partner of STU.  Apart from the 100% scholarship for the programme fee for students with at least 2As and 3Bs, children of STU’s members will also be given another 10% fee waiver for the first semester hostel fee. This financial assistance aim to reduce the burden of the parents especially during the pandemic. For any enquiry related to KLT’s November intake, kindly contact us at 084-311888 or 016-3809818 or follow us on our official Facebook and website

Rethink Marketing: Are You Selling or Shiok Sendiri

Marketing is dynamic, requires constant changing and adapting to changes in the environment. As budding or future entrepreneurs or players of the industry, it is definitely beneficial to hear from industry players of what works and what doesn’t.

On 23rd July, 2021, fellow alumnus of Kolej Laila Taib, Mr. Henry Lee Yan Fong was invited to talk to the students of the Department of Business Management, on the title: Rethink Marketing – Are You Selling or Shiok Sendiri. Mr. Henry is currently running his own business, JHGROUP PLT with his partner, in Sibu. He is also the 2021 JCI Malaysia Area Sarawak Digital Transformation Director and 2021 Sibu Chinese Chamber of Commerce & Industry Youth Entrepreneur Committee Self-Media Assistant Chairperson.

Mr. Henry made the talk very interactive, constantly interacting with the students and relate his talk to the students’ knowledge and questions. This has successfully captured the attention and heart of the students as the students felt personally involved and related to the content of the talk. 70% of the students said the talk was inspiring.

Comments from the students:

The talk by Mr. Henry is important and greatly connects to reality and life. – Winnie Lim

The talk taught me the importance of going to the university. Only with sufficient knowledge of the market, we can avoid or reduce the risk of entrepreneurial failure. – Chuo Ying Ying

For those of us who have not entered the workplace, it is very beneficial to be able to listen to the experience and sharing of an entrepreneur. Regardless of whether we will engage in marketing in the future, at least I will not be unfamiliar and confused with the field. – Josselyn Lim Hui Xing

Need to think beyond the basic knowledge, understand how customers think and take each step patiently. – Christina Yong Pei Kiew

Who are Quantity Surveyors?

The terms measurement and estimation might not be new for us. We learn those terms in school, especially in the subject, Mathematics. We learn how to measure the quantity and weight of a thing, and in turn estimate the value of the thing.

However, there is a professional title that we might not be familiar with, which is called “Sr”, and that is Quantity Surveyor. Quantity Surveyor is actually a century-old profession that originated in the UK, and is currently an indispensable profession in the construction industry in the world. Quantity Surveyors not only estimate materials required in the construction project, they also estimate construction cost, as well as prepare and manage tender and contract documents. To put it simply, a Quantity Surveyor is an accountant in the construction industry.

If we look at it from a historical perspective, they may appear under different names, but we can affirm the importance and undeniable existence of this profession. From the construction of the ancient Egyptian pyramids, the temples by King Solomon, the Great Wall by Emperor Qing Shi Huang, to the series of historical sites left by the British Empire; each construction projects do require estimation in ensuring that the entire project can be completed within the specified time and budget, at the same time meet the quality requirements.

Today, Quantity Surveyors prepare preliminary cost estimates and estimate risk based on the blueprint of the architect and engineer. Then they will have to modify the cost plan according to the changes of the design blueprint to ensure that the construction cost does not exceed the budget. After that, they will prepare a Tender Document and Bill of Quantities (BQ), and gradually list the building materials and project timelines. From these, the bidder who offers the most reasonable price can become the contractor and be responsible for that construction project. In addition, Quantity Surveyor will then prepare Contract Document based on the bid documents.

When the construction project starts, Quantity Surveyors’ duties do not end there. They have to visit the construction site every month to follow up the construction progress and expenditure of the project to ensure that the cost of the project does not deviate from the budget. From the early stage to the end of the project, Quantity Surveyor plays a pivotal role in a construction project. In addition to calculating building materials and construction costs, they also need to deal with a lot of money-related matters.

As a developing nation, Malaysia has realized the pivotal role of the construction sector not only in economic growth but also in improving the quality of life and living standards of Malaysian people. Over the last two decades it has been contributing between 3 to 5 percent of the aggregate economy GDP.

Hence, the construction industry will continue to play an important role in shaping the economy of Malaysia. Quantity Surveyor is not only involved in construction projects, but also involved in public works and infrastructure, such as railways, roads, bridges, airports, dams, and even heavy industries such as oil and gas industries. There is a great demand for Quantity Surveyors in the market.

For secondary school leavers who are interested to explore more about this profession, you are welcome to call Kolej Laila Taib at 084-311888 or WhatsApp to 016-380 9818, we are ready to shape your future. Scholarships and loans are also available.

QS students from KLT visited the Country Garden Forest City located within the Iskandar Region (photo taken before the pandemic)

A Place We Call Home

When a building is unoccupied, we call it a house. When a house is occupied by a family, we call it home. People can own many houses, but they can only have one home, which is the place where they spend time with each other.

Before the pandemic raged, we thought that children had to go to school to learn, and we had to go to the office to work. But this pandemic has, is and will continue to change our way of life. In order to be safe, we tend to spend more time at home. Fortunately, with the advancement of technology, we realized that many things can be done at home. Home is no longer just a place for us to rest, but today’s children’s school, playground and even adult office. It is necessary for us to understand on how to design our home to ensure that it is interchangeable and adaptable for every family member. Therefore, in order to have a quality life, it is worthwhile to invest in a home.

The Architecture lecturer from the Kolej Laila Taib, Mr Allen Anak Lipan shared a house in Kuala Lumpur, which is designed by N O T Architecture through a webinar. The design concept is to adopt a minimalist design method in the appearance of the building, while maximizing the layout and usability of the internal spaces. The designer relocated semi-private spaces such as living and dining areas to the upper level, while keeping all private bedrooms on the ground floor. Hence, this is exactly the reverse method from the conventional 2-storey house. As one enters the house from the main entrance, they will be led to the upper floor through an obvious staircase. A slide is introduced beside this staircase, which introducing a playful feature into the house for kids. In addition, the double-layered roof allows daylight to penetrate into the double-volumed living hall and partial dining area. The interior spaces are mainly finished with bare concrete and cement render material, displaying modern industrial character.

In addition, Mr Allen also shared the house design by MDA Architecture in Vietnam. This house was designed based on the intention of the owner whereby it is not only a peaceful place to relax on weekends, but also an area which is full of greenery, plenty of light and absolute privacy. Indoor balconies are introduced at disoriented order at upper floor void area to create a multi-level indoor yard. The indoor yard is enriched with hanging vines to create nature ambience. At the same time, the design team also injected the rooftop garden design concept, so that the entire house is covered with green. This home is not only full of vitality and relieves stress, but also enhances happiness.

Thus, it can be seen that the architects get rid of the shackles of conventional design, but reflect the human-oriented concept as demonstrated in the above house design. They enhance the quality and value of the environment through design, thereby affecting the appearance of the city, and enriching people’s lives on the physical, psychological and emotional levels. Driven by new technologies and innovations, creating your home is exciting but full of challenges. It is indispensable to improve our home.

Misconceptions about Business Management

When you ask people around you ‘Can I study Business Management?’ you may get people telling you “Why? Business need to study one meh?”, “Not easy eh, can you do it?”, “This one no job do one” or “Nice. Next time you can work in big companies”. Ever wonder why there are no consistent opinions? Maybe we can clear some of those inconsistencies.

Misconception 1: Business is easy

You may frequently hear people telling you that business is easy, there is no point studying for it; if you’re good, and if you are willing to learn, you will know how to do business eventually.

However, ‘to do business’ successfully, you’ll need the knowledge of, just to name a few:

  • Marketing – how do you market your products or services or yourself/your company to the targeted group of people;
  • Human resource management – employees are the assets of a business, without them, nothing is going to run, your one-man-show is not going to bring you anywhere near success. So, how to you handle employees (lower or higher ranking) to work whole-heartedly for the business?
  • Basic accounting and financial management – you need to know where does the money come from and where does it go after that, and do you manage the money wisely so it will bring you more money.

And most importantly a set of skills including communication, negotiation, adaptability, and etc. for you to put your knowledge into practice.

In Kolej Laila Taib, our Diploma in Business Management exposes the students to these knowledge and we too train students throughout the three years to possess, if not master, the necessary communication skills to cater for day-to-day interactions with stakeholders.

 Misconception 2: Business is general.

Inevitably, business is general. It covers many topics such as marketing, human resource management, strategic management and others because they are interrelated.

These are the building blocks that build the foundation for a student to understand the business industry, from the management level down to the operation level. Missing one of them, one may not be able to grasp the interrelation between different business operations and end up unable to operate a business in a well-rounded manner.

Quoting our students, Ting Kwong Leh: After taking Business Management, I realize it covers many things, and help me to think of a matter from different perspectives. We don’t just learn about making money, we also learn how to manage a company, how to manage employees, and how to bring in more customers.

Misconception 3: One can only open one’s own business after studying Business Management

“You graduate in Business, if you don’t open business, what are you gonna do?”

Has anyone ever said this to you?

The ultimate goal of most Business graduates is definitely to own their own business, big or small. However, one will not be a loser if one does not end up owing a business.

With the exposure to multiple disciplines of business, Business graduates are versatile. Complement with their build-up confidence in communication and decision making, Business graduates are highly adaptable in any industry.

There are plenty of things to explore and learn in Business. One with great interest and humble learning attitude will soar far in the industry. We, in Kolej Laila Taib are happy to walk with you in your baby steps into the world of Business!

July 2021 intake is in progress! Last day for registration will be on 30 July 2021. Enquire now! Please contact us at 084-311888 or WhatApps to 016-3809818 for further enquiries. Online application is also available through the official website 

JCI Youth KLT’s Installation & Award Ceremony

July 02, a remarkable day where JCI Youth KLT Installation & Award Ceremony was held online instead of physical function to show appreciation to the senior members of the Board. This online ceremony is a new platform of interaction with other peoples under the new normal due to the impact of the pandemic.

In this unprecedented online ceremony, JCI Youth KLT’s Organizing Chairman, Chan Mei Yeng had the honour to invite the Political Secretary of Sarawak Chief Minister – Mr. Michael Tiang Ming Tee as the honourable chief guest of the function, witnessing the exciting moments of the installation of the newly-appointed president, Anard Ling Ning Chuan with the position handed over from Past President, Aloysius Sim Sien Hong.

In his speech, Mr. Michael Tiang encouraged the members of JCI Youth KLT to take up the social responsibility to organize “help for crisis” as in giving a warm hand to the needy in the pandemic. He advised the youth not to underestimate one organization, one’s age and one’s ability. The strength of communal services always comes from a small action and determination.

JCI Youth KLT would like to take this opportunity to express its sincerest gratitude to the respectful chief guest, Mr Michael Tiang Ming Tee for attending the function during his hectic schedule. Besides his generous sponsorship in making the event a successful one, his valuable advice has inspired the organization to move forward with its upcoming events like JCI Food Bank, JCI Help for Crisis, and etc that can develop one’s leadership skills and knowledge in making decision and taking action.  On top of that, JCI Youth KLT also wanted to thank the Mother Charter of the Junior Chamber International for supporting this event.

Even though we may have to live in the “new normal” for a very long time, the passion of embracing new ideas, addressing critical challenges, collaboration, diversity and serving the community in JCI Youth’s heart will not be altered. JCI Youth KLT is committed in participating, taking action, focusing on sustainable impact and making a difference in our communities. Its members are urged to take initiative to equip themselves with tools to create positive change in the community and in world. If you are a young active citizen, join us on this journey of local action for global impact.

Is Accountant Still Relevant?

Back in 2017, a McKinsey report highlighted a possible future that 50% of work activities are automatable by adapting current technologies. Since then, plenty of reports and surveys surfaced listing the careers that will disappear in the near future, one of which is the Accounting profession.

So, with the many sayings that Accountants will be replaced by technology, do we still need to study to become an Accountant? The answer is simply YES.

Quoting Wasik (2019) in Forbes, occupations that involve automated repetition or analysis are imperiled are at risk of disappearing. Simply put, routine tasks that do not require much brain work will be easily replaced by technologies. What a lot of reports neglect to highlight is that the routine tasks of accounting will be replaced, not Accountants.

To not be replaced, Accountants should shift their roles from simply data entry to data analysis; rather than just looking at numbers, they should be able to interpret the numbers. Accountants that deal with analysis and decision making will remain essential.

Quoting opinions from fellow local practitioners:

Ms. Lau (Auditor) – For us, financial statements are the heart, central of the companies. From the figures, we analyze, give advice to clients in their financial & management performance throughout the year and also provide consultations for future directions. Sometimes, we also detect fraud or loopholes of the companies from the figures.

Mr. Henry (commercial Accountant turned Accounting lecturer) – Accounting is more than just generating financial reports. It is also about mastering the standards of accounts, tax, and laws. Capable Accountants will utilize these knowledge to build a safety net for the company avoiding landmines such as tax penalties.

Ms. Sia (commercial Accountant turned Accounting lecturer) – Accounting leads to a very flexible career which span across all industries. With the right qualification, graduates will have a high earning potential as the prospect is endless.

Ultimately, it is still important to study to be an Accountant.

In Kolej Laila Taib (KLT), to cater for the demand of analytical accounting professionals, our Diploma in Accounting programme teaches students the basic skills for day-to-day accounting operations. As students progress into second and third year, they will cover knowledge and skills that enable them to be more analytical and become capable decision makers. Additionally, besides the development of personal ability, a more marketable takeaway of our Accounting programme is the MQA accreditation, ensuring recognition of the certificate wherever you wish to work in Malaysia. 

Are you up for a challenging journey in the field of Accounting? Join us today.

Intake is now in progress. Please contact us at 084-311888 or WhatApps to 016-3809818 for further enquiries. Online application is also available through the official website  Follow our Facebook Page Kolej Laila Taib – KLT for all the latest updates.

Kolej Laila Taib adopting 3D printing into education

Open source software and hardware open up the opportunities to all to learn and use software and hardware at greatly reduced price or even for free. 3D printer is one of the best examples result of open source software and hardware development. It started to capture the interest of the masses in recent years as 3D printers becomes so affordable that everyone can have a unit on their desk.

3D printing also causes a change in the way both small companies and industrial giants construct and design their products. Prototyping of product becomes easier with emergence of the high resolution 3D printers.

3D printing is also gaining popularity in education field in recent years. 3D printing allows student to produce low cost model and hardware. Our students are using 3D printer to print out the hardware mechanism like gears, casing and support structures of their projects. With 3D printer, students have the chance to experience the process from very beginning design stage of their own 3D model to nice looking final product of their project.

At KLT, we conduct AutoCad and Fusion 360 3D modelling workshop from time to time free for students to learn the required knowledge relevant to industrial needs.

There are many benefits of using 3D printers in classroom. 3D printing give students exciting experience from the creation of the model to final real object that you can hold in hand, not just on computer screen or in text book. This opens up new possibilities for activities that complements the curriculum.  

With 3D printer students are able to involve in real hardware design and building even before entering real industrial working environment. This will allow students to learn that final product comes from multiple times of failures and retries. They become less afraid to attempt and try new ideas. It helps building up self-motivated and confident students.  

3D printer itself is actually complicated CNC machine that needs hardware and software tuning to get a perfect printing result. Students using 3D printer will promote troubleshooting and problem solving skills. This is not what students can learn in text book during their normal studies.

By adopting 3D printing into education, it makes possible for every student to dream bigger and better.

Ready to join the adventures in Engineering? Join us now at KLT with full scholarship available. Please contact us at 084-311888 or WhatApps to 016-3809818 for further enquiries. Online application is also available through the official website  Follow our Facebook Page Kolej Laila Taib – KLT for all the latest updates.

Kolej Laila Taib: E-learning Ecosystem (E-Ecosystem)

The pandemic has caused huge disruption to our daily routine and changed the way we live our lives. It has impacted the teaching and learning approaches of an institution, forcing the conversion of traditional education to online education. To a certain extent, it has changed students’ learning habits, but in the meantime, raised students’ awareness and the usage of online learning. In view of this, online education took its trend during the pandemic.

In times of the pandemic, Kolej Laila Taib (KLT) shifted its teaching approaches to cater the uncertainty. To prevent pandemic from delaying the learning and development of current students, online education is inevitable. Suspension of classes will bring great impacts to students. With the initiative of “Classes suspended but learning continues”, KLT moves towards online education and expects it will bring the desired outcomes. It is definitely not easy if you want to make a breakthrough in online education. After explorations and considerations, the Management has successfully adopted the 4E Teaching Methods during the pandemic. This system contains 4 major elements, which includes (1) Engagement, (2) Enrichment, (3) Enhancement, and (4) Encouragement.

Engagement in the 4E Teaching Methods is to get students involved in online learning. Lecturers will ask students to participate and express their personal thoughts and opinions. Lack of social interaction is one of the barriers to online learning. Internet has widened the gap between people and set up barriers for direct emotional communication which will indirectly affect students’ learning. Therefore, lecturers will have an idea of students’ progress and pace of learning when students express their ideas in class.

As for Enrichment, in order to solidify learning, lecturers instills students with extra knowledge and industry insights. For example, organizing online seminar (such as Fusion360 seminars, AutoCAD seminars, BIM seminars, etc.) is also a feasible way for students to acquire extra knowledge and experiences.

While for Enhancement, lecturers will ask students to apply what they have learned in the online seminars, progressing the students to a higher level in term of their knowledge. For example: In Building Information Modeling (BIM) seminar, students get to integrate 2D and 3D features which allows them to convert drawing to model.

The last element, Encouragement, KLT pays attention to students’ emotions throughout the learning process. A number of studies has shown that emotions are highly correlated with attention, memory, and strategies used in the learning process. Thus, lecturers spend time in online classes to care about students’ well-being, which in return knowing whether students focus on their studies and show effort on their work.

KLT is committed in improving our online education system to meet college’s vision and mission. We welcome students with SPM, UEC or equivalent qualifications to join us to make your dream comes true. For more information about our college and the scholarships, please call 084-311 888 or WhatsApp to us at 016-380 9818. You can also visit our official website at