Kolej Laila Taib signed MoU with Kumpulan Design, Sibu

An official signing of the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between Kolej Laila Taib (KLT) and Kumpulan Design (Sibu) organized by the Department of Architecture and Interior Architecture was successfully held on 29th November 2022. This collaboration is to further acknowledge the importance of engagement between the college and industry practitioners to provide a platform for the students to undertake industrial training, conduct educational workshops and talks as well as enhance industrial exposure for the students.


The courtesy visit by the Proprietor of Kumpulan Design, Dato Sri Ar. John Lau to KLT was welcomed by the Chief Executive Officer, Sr. Eric Wong, and the Director of Studies, Mr. Wong Xuan Yuan. Founded in 1977, Kumpulan Design started as an architectural firm on a modest scale as one of the pioneers in Sibu, Sarawak.


With more than 45 years of vast experience in the architecture practice, Dato Sri’s involvement in various types of projects including project management, architecture design, interior design, urban design, planning, and graphic design has led to the winning of numerous competitions and awards. Some successful milestones located in Sarawak are Borneo Convention Centre Kuching, New Sarawak Museum, and RH Tower.


During the visitation, Dato Sri Ar. John highlighted the importance of technical skills in the architectural context whereby it acquires the graduates to be equipped with efficient communicative skills, problem-solving skills, creativity, and coordination between architects and clients. Furthermore, he also pointed out the significance of internship training for architecture students to deliver their technical skills and knowledge in order to help them remain competitive in the industry.

Site Visitation to Double Storey Terrace House at Lorong Salim 28

On 25th November 2022, a group of 42 students and 5 lecturers from KLT QS & CE department visited a residential development at Lorong Salim 28. The developer cum main contractor is Golden Sun Construction Sdn. Bhd. The site visit aims to expose students to actual construction process.

According to Mr. Sim, the QS of the project, the project, which is Phase I, was commenced since 2020, but due to MCO, there’re some delay in the progress. Thus, it is expected to be completed by latest June 2023. However, Phase II is planned to commence after Phase I and is planned to be completed in year 2025.

The project consists of 3 rows double storey terrace house. Overall soil condition of the site is good. Students were able to witness certain progress of work such as ground floor slab reinforcement layout, embedding the electrical pole into the wall, plastering, construction drainage and many more. Mr. Sim patiently explained students’ doubt regarding the site.

It is a precious experience that all participants learn more and able to witness the actual site activities that have been learned from the book.

Kolej Laila Taib – Educational Trip to Penang

A group of 24 Architecture & Interior Architecture students, accompanied by their 4 lecturers, went on an educational trip to Penang from 16th to 20th of November, 2022.

The objective of this trip is to provide students the opportunity to explore George Town, which has the reputation of UNESCO World Heritage Site, featuring Malaysia’s best restored and re-adaptive traditional architecture. Students are able to broaden their horizons, and to further understand the blend of the diverse local culture.

The first destination was Penang Hill, also known as the back yard of Penang. It has rich cultural history, secret beauty, and tropical ecology. It is an excellent natural attraction in Penang. From experiencing up close with nature and appreciating the pristine rainforest ecology, the students went on to visit the TOP Komtar, which dominates Penang with its 68-storey building. Strolling on the rainbow skywalk on the top floor, one can overlook the beautiful scenery of the prosperous city. For the next few days, the students also visited the Blue Mansion (the former residence of Cheong Fatt Tze) and the Peranakan Museum to understand the exquisite design and space usage of traditional buildings. In addition, interior architecture students also visited some boutique hotel and themed restaurants to learn about creative interior space planning, collocation of building materials, furniture arrangement, and etc.

During the trip, students also visited Penang Equator College, grabbing the opportunity to appreciate the students’ artworks, including costume designs, art paintings, sculptures, and etc.

This educational trip also included team building at the ESCAPE theme park. Through a series of outdoor activities, students managed to relieve the pressure of schoolwork and life, stimulate cognition and potential, enhance team cohesion and fighting spirit, and thus devote themselves to schoolwork more effectively.

Students benefited a lot from this educational trip to Penang.


In conjunction with the WORLD ARCHITECTURE DAY 2022, the Pertubuhan Akitek Malaysia Sarawak Chapter (PAMSC) organized a bamboo installation and workshop on the 3rd of September 2022. This workshop was jointly supported by Majlis Bandaraya Kuching Selation (MBKS), Sarawak Creative Art and Cultural Association (SCACA) and Free & Easy Chinese Calligraphy Association.

The one-day event was started with lecture on bamboo design construction and design, followed by bamboo crafting workshop at the MBKS Auditorium and Palmeria Park. The event was participated by 110 students across 5 universities and college in Sarawak, namely UNIMAS, Swinburne University of Technology Sarawak, UiTM Samarahan Sarawak Campus, UTS and Kolej Laila Taib from Sibu to construct partially on the bamboo “Moon Pavilion” in conjunction with the Mid-Autumn Festival celebration and World Architecture Day in October.

The bamboo “Moon Pavilion” was designed by IntoDesign Lab and constructed 3 weeks ago by local community from Puncak Borneo using more than 500 pieces of bamboo. The bamboo structure will remain in the park for more than 6 months and serve as a backdrop for variety events such as mini concert, lectures and night movie screenings in the park for the community.

KLT QS Department paid a site visit to Projek Rancangan Tebatan Banjir Sibu (Fasa 3), Lembaga Batang Rejang Sibu

A group of 34 students and 2 lecturers from Kolej Laila Taib QS Department had visited the flood mitigation Project at Jalan Kampung Nangka on 26 August 2022 (Friday). The purpose of this site visit was to expose the students to the construction of pumping station and tidal gate control structure.

The site visit was led by Project Manager, Ir. Sia How Teck and Mr. Ling Chuan Hong, the site engineer. The turnkey contractor for this project was Kiasan Engineering Sdn. Bhd. The site consists of two pumping stations, tidal gate control structures, detention ponds, SESCO substations and MSB rooms. Other construction works including drainage upgrading works, drainage demolition works and road resurfacing works.

Unfortunately due to the site safety issue, students were not allowed to go into the site. We were much appreciated that the Project Manager, Ir. Sia had prepared the presentation slide to show to the students in their site office. The Project Manager, Ir. Sia presented about the scope of works for this project and shared the actual site photos with all the students. Moreover, Ir. Sia also further explain to the students about the function of pumping station. Ir. Sia even shared video clips that showed the before and current construction site which was recorded by drone.

This flood mitigation project was expected to be completed by 25 February 2023. According to site engineer, Mr. Ling, they are still preparing the documents to claim for extension of time for this project. Mr. Ling said that site management is very important in order for them to catch up the work progress. He has to arrange site workers to do repair works at different area from time to time. He also needs to settle disputes between contractor and kampung villagers when property damages happened due to contractor’s construction works.

The visit was indeed a beneficial trip that allowed students to gain new knowledge regarding the project of constructing pumping stations.


Being an industry-driven college offering specialized diploma programmes, KLT ensures that all its course syllabus and contents receive direct input from industries.  Practical laboratory sessions and industrial placement are offered as compulsory modules to prepare its students in the field of study and equip them with the knowledge and skills to meet the demands of the society.  This will enhance the future employability of graduates as well as raising the profile of the college.


In line with its effort to establish industry collaboration, an official signing of Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between Kolej Laila Taib and Hock Peng Group of Companies was held on 15th August 2022. The MoU aims to explore the possibility of technical collaboration, research and development, and student internship.


Hock Peng Group of Companies, represented by its Managing Director Datuk Toh Chiew Hock, is a local company established 60 years ago and has played an important role in many aspects of economy including property development, construction, retails and hospitality businesses. With great commitment in education, over the past decades, the group has enhanced the learning experience of the students by providing training and preparing them with career opportunities after their graduation.  According to Datuk Toh Chiew Hock, he is very impressed with the performance of KLT graduates who have been working with their companies and have excelled up to the managerial level. Through this formal collaboration, further enhancement in various aspects of the industries can be established.


With the commitment of Hock Peng Group of Companies, Sr. Eric Wong Kwong Lee, CEO of KLT expressed his sincere appreciation to Datuk Toh Chiew Hock and looks forward to yielding a fruitful milestone in years to come. Further enhancement of the curriculum will be established to meet the expectations of the industries and stay competitive in order to face the fast-paced demands caused by globalization.

Communication to a relationship is like oxygen to life. Without it… it dies. Tony Gaskin

Inevitably, communication is essential to build and sustain relationship and relationship is everything in life, be it relationship with family or friends or relationship at work with colleagues or clients. Without proper communication, one would live in isolation and that is not how life is!

Associate Professor Dr Ismie Roha Mohamed Jais from Universiti Teknologi Mara was invited by Kolej Laila Taib for a two-hour talk on Effective Communication: Myths & Realities for all staff and students of KLT on 19th August, 2022.

Despite being the first physical event after a long hiatus due to the Covid-19 pandemic, some 100 students attended the talk together with the academic and the administration staff of the college. Fellow attendees actively participated in Dr Ismie’s Q&A throughout the session, and were further enlightened on the topic of Communication, something that we think we know which in fact we know only the minimum.

Dr Ismie emphasized to the attendees to not ignore the skills of Communication as being able to communicate well could bring one to greater heights complementing on other on-the-job skills that one should possess. She also highlighted to attendees who are venturing in different fields ranging from Business Management to Engineering that communication is not just a ‘language thing’ but it is essential to everyone from any field so long as one needs form or sustain a relationship.

Dr Ismie ended her talk with the quote by Tony Gaskin, reminding everyone that Communication is of great importance to everyone.

KLT QS department visited a residential construction site

A group of 34 students and 3 lecturers from QS Department, KLT visited a residential construction site at Bukit Penyau area on 12th of August 2022. The site visit aims to enhance students’ understanding on construction processes and different types of building materials.

Upon arrival to the site, Mr. Ting, the project manager of Takexcel Sdn. Bhd.,   gave a short brief about the project. According to Mr. Ting, Takexcel Sdn. Bhd. secured the contract on August 2021 and is expected to be completed by June 2023.  Students were exposed to the retaining wall, timber formwork, reinforcement bars and many others. The students had the opportunity to observe the operation of machineries such as crane, concrete pump and bending machines during the site visit.

The site visit was indeed beneficial as students had the chance to ask questions and solve their doubts when seeing the actual site activities. As a token of appreciation, KLT presented Mr. Ting and his colleagues some souvenirs.

Kolej Laila Taib and Sendayan Group join forces to enhance graduates’ competencies

Kolej Laila Taib (KLT) and Sendayan Group (Sendayan) have entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to strategically and specifically address the systemic skills development required for graduates in the construction industry.

Represented by its CEO Mr. Lawrence Law, Sendayan Group is a significant player in the real estate and housing industry in Sarawak for over 20 years has steadily built up its deep expertise in building construction and property development and is known for its standards of quality and reliability.  Mr. Lawrence Law stressed that coordinated efforts between institutions of higher learning and diverse industry sectors are crucial to avoid skill mismatch and will assist in equipping students with both technical competencies as well as professional skills required in today’s working environment. Besides, programmes delivered based on local contexts will benefit the local graduates with real-life exposure.

Meanwhile, Sr. Eric Wong, CEO of KLT expressed confidence that through the collaboration with Sendayan, further enhancement of the curriculum can be established to meet the expectations of the construction industry in order to face the fast-paced demands caused by globalization.  This could be achieved through the feedback of the industrial placement curriculum which aims to bridge the gaps between programme outcomes and workplace requirements.

Law added that it is critically vital that possession of good character and work ethics are the key to securing graduates employment, aside from his/her high CGPA as a plus point. Law further urged that inexperienced graduates should demonstrate eagerness in the development of necessary skill sets to achieve higher income, instead of appearing more interested in the benefits offered by the company.

Both KLT and Sendayan see the importance of boosting the relevance of the programmes and employability of KLT graduates who shall play a role to support and drive the Post-Covid Economic Recovery Plan launched by the Sarawak Government. At the same time, the recent announcement of the Bukit Assek Redevelopment Plan which aims to give Sibu a facelift will take up to 20 years for implementation, expansion of Sibu’s urban and commercial areas, upgrading of digital infrastructure, and declaration of Bukit Lima as a nature reserve would definitely catalyze the local construction industry where huge technical human capitals will be needed to fulfill the needs of the project. This could further be confirmed by the announcement of Sarawak Premier that the state government has some major projects in the pipeline for Sibu in its bid to achieve city status by 2031.

Hence, Sr. Wong urged interested students to find out more about what KLT is offering and take the advantage of the integrated industry-driven programmes to kick start their career journey.

Represented by its CEO Mr. Lawrence Law, Sendayan Group shared his thoughts with KLT.
Sr Eri Wong, CEO of KLT brought Mr. Lawrence Law for a tour of the facilities of KLT.
Kolej Laila Taib CEO Sr. Eric Wong (left) signed MoU with Sendayan Group, represented by its CEO Mr. Lawrence Law (right)


KLT signed MoU with Kaifa Technology Malaysia Sdn. Bhd

To keep KLT on the cutting edge, KLT leaders are not only giving in time and efforts to engage in ongoing learning and development of the programmes itself, but also finding its way to maintain a focus on industry insight. With the fast evolution of technology, partnering with Kaifa Technology to collaborate on things that are working out the best for students is an inspirational exercise.

Following the courtesy visit of Kaifa Technology dated on Feb 14, 2022, the official signing of a Memorandum of Understanding which was held at the Kolej Laila Taib (KLT) marked the outset of the collaboration between KLT and Kaifa Technology Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. Kaifa Technology is a well-established technology-based China-listed company which strives to provide job opportunities and enhance its research capabilities through various collaborations with higher institutions.  

During the visit, Kaifa Technology shared their company projects which are focusing on manufacturing products of medical and non-medical devices such as ventilators and drones respectively. The company has penetrated the Sarawak market for human resources hunting to cater for their project’s shortfall in human capital, especially electronic and electrical segment, etc. Meanwhile, KLT’s management also shared the collaborative possibilities with Kaifa Technology for students to have a combination of academic evaluation plus industry assessment, or sponsorship of students to study at KLT.

Under this collaboration, students will have the opportunity to gain the unprecedented internship experience at Kaifa Technology in the areas of engineering technology, products designs and business ideas to solve the most impactful problems. Besides, educational visits and joint workshops will aim to enhance students’ industrial exposure and gain insight about contemporary issues in the real industry world. KLT will continue to work closely with the industries to ensure students gaining the knowledge and developing competencies required in this century. To stay ahead of the game, KLT has planned to create a culture of innovation with the aid of partnering with industries.