Quantity Surveying R2/526/4/0063 (MQA/FA4910) 08/21

Quantity Surveying is a unique occupation and profession. Quantity surveyors give advices on the cost matters related to building/civil engineering contracts and act as accountants to the projects either during pre-contract or post-contract stages. They are also professionals with expert knowledge on contracts, and can therefore recommend appropriate procurement methods, prepare contract documents, evaluate contractual claims, etc.

Quantity surveyors can involve in building works, building services engineering works, civil engineering works and industrial engineering works. They work closely with architects, financiers, engineers, contractors, suppliers, project owners, accountants, insurance underwriters, solicitors and with all levels of government authorities. Quantity Surveyors are economists of the construction industry who have the responsibilities to ensure that all limited resources are being utilised in the best ways. They are the consultants within the team most directly concerned with obtaining ‘value for money’.

At KLT, its Diploma in Quantity Surveying is designed to equip and train the students with the knowledge of construction economics so as to enable them to perform quantity take-off, tender documentation and contractual services.

The programme aims to:

  • Produce graduates who will become industrial leaders;
  • Provide an affordable and yet recognised pathway for students who intend to pursue a degree programme at university level.
  • Ensure that high standards are achieved and maintained in all aspects of teaching.

Our program is accredited by Malaysia Qualifications Agency (MQA) and recognized by Board of Quantity Survey Malaysia.

Programme Details

Entry Requirements

  • Pass SPM or its equivalent with a minimum of credit in THREE (3) subjects including Mathematics
  • Pass UEC with grade ‘B’ in THREE (3) subjects including Mathematics and Bahasa Malaysia or English; or
  • Other equivalent qualifications as recognised by the Malaysian Government.


  • 2 years 9 months

​Total Credit Hours

  • 93 hours

​Total Programme Fee

  • RM 17,500

Subject Overview

Year 1
Short Semester Semester 1 Semester 2
Code Subject Credit Code Subject Credit Code Subject Credit
QS115 Construction & Development 4 CE111 Theory of Structures 3
SE213 Communication in the Workplace 3 CT205 Construction Technology II 4
CT105 Construction Technology I 4 QS124 Building Quantities I 3
SE104 Engineering Drawing 3 SP123 Principles of Accounting 2
Total 14  Total 12 
Year 2
Short Semester Semester 1 Semester 2
Code Subject Credit Code Subject Credit Code Subject Credit
MPU2113 Pengajian Malaysia 2  3 CT305 Construction Technology III 4 SP126 Legal Studies 3
MPU2122 MPU2222 Bahasa Kebangsaan A or Introduction to Entrepreneurship 2 LS108 Land Surveying 3 BE106 Principles of Economics 3
MPU2312 MPU2322 Moral dan Etika or Pengajian Islam 2 QS224 Building Quantities II 3 ES121 Estimating 4
MPU2412 Khidmat Masyarakat 2 SB110 Building Services 4 QS324 Building Quantities III 3
 Total Total 14  Total 13 
Year 3
Short Semester Semester 1 Semester 2
Code Subject Credit Code Subject Credit Code Subject Credit
QS139 Industrial Training BE107 Building Economics 3 SB119 Planning & Building By Laws 3
CQ124 CE Construction & Quantities I 3 CQ224 CE Construction & Quantities II 3
CA325 Contract Admnistration 3 QS326 QS Practise and Procedure 4
BM104 Principles of Management 3 QS135 Integrated Final Year Project 3
Total 12  Total 13