Kolej Laila Taib and Sendayan Group join forces to enhance graduates’ competencies

Kolej Laila Taib (KLT) and Sendayan Group (Sendayan) have entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to strategically and specifically address the systemic skills development required for graduates in the construction industry.

Represented by its CEO Mr. Lawrence Law, Sendayan Group is a significant player in the real estate and housing industry in Sarawak for over 20 years has steadily built up its deep expertise in building construction and property development and is known for its standards of quality and reliability.  Mr. Lawrence Law stressed that coordinated efforts between institutions of higher learning and diverse industry sectors are crucial to avoid skill mismatch and will assist in equipping students with both technical competencies as well as professional skills required in today’s working environment. Besides, programmes delivered based on local contexts will benefit the local graduates with real-life exposure.

Meanwhile, Sr. Eric Wong, CEO of KLT expressed confidence that through the collaboration with Sendayan, further enhancement of the curriculum can be established to meet the expectations of the construction industry in order to face the fast-paced demands caused by globalization.  This could be achieved through the feedback of the industrial placement curriculum which aims to bridge the gaps between programme outcomes and workplace requirements.

Law added that it is critically vital that possession of good character and work ethics are the key to securing graduates employment, aside from his/her high CGPA as a plus point. Law further urged that inexperienced graduates should demonstrate eagerness in the development of necessary skill sets to achieve higher income, instead of appearing more interested in the benefits offered by the company.

Both KLT and Sendayan see the importance of boosting the relevance of the programmes and employability of KLT graduates who shall play a role to support and drive the Post-Covid Economic Recovery Plan launched by the Sarawak Government. At the same time, the recent announcement of the Bukit Assek Redevelopment Plan which aims to give Sibu a facelift will take up to 20 years for implementation, expansion of Sibu’s urban and commercial areas, upgrading of digital infrastructure, and declaration of Bukit Lima as a nature reserve would definitely catalyze the local construction industry where huge technical human capitals will be needed to fulfill the needs of the project. This could further be confirmed by the announcement of Sarawak Premier that the state government has some major projects in the pipeline for Sibu in its bid to achieve city status by 2031.

Hence, Sr. Wong urged interested students to find out more about what KLT is offering and take the advantage of the integrated industry-driven programmes to kick start their career journey.

Represented by its CEO Mr. Lawrence Law, Sendayan Group shared his thoughts with KLT.
Sr Eri Wong, CEO of KLT brought Mr. Lawrence Law for a tour of the facilities of KLT.
Kolej Laila Taib CEO Sr. Eric Wong (left) signed MoU with Sendayan Group, represented by its CEO Mr. Lawrence Law (right)