Why choose Diploma? Things to know after SPM

Before you decide on what career pathway do you like to take, ask yourself this questions first:

  1. Do you prefer to learn by doing rather than attending lectures?
  2. Do you want to enter the working world as soon as you can?
  3. Are you concerned you may not have enough funds to study?
  4. How many credit in SPM do you have?

 Your answer could be a diploma after SPM.

Here’s why:

1. The entry requirements are less rigid

The general entry requirements for a diploma is a pass with three credits in SPM. However, some diplomas may have additional requirements eg: Nursing Diploma need at least 5 credits. Please do check with the college you’re interested in.

2. Diplomas cost less

Let’s face it. Education is expensive, especially after the pandemic, some parent are trying their best to put dinner on the table, let alone to fund the tertiary education.

The course fees for a diploma programme ranges from RM15,000 – 40,000, with many courses falling in the range of RM25,000 – 35,000.

The best is that to get a financial aid such as scholarship or education loans. Do check with the institutions if there any available financial aid for the students.

3. Diplomas make you ready for the job market

Unlike pre-university programmes that focus more on rigorous academic study, diploma programmes are designed to equip students with the necessary skills required to meet the job requirements in a particular industry. The curriculum often includes lots of hands-on work that allows you to practise these skills. You’ll be able to enter the workforce within your target industry right after you graduate.

4. You’ll love it if you like practical work

As mentioned in the previous point, a diploma prepares you with the specific skills that you need in a target industry. Whether you choose graphic design, culinary arts, automotive technology or medical imaging, you would have completed plenty of practical training in the core area of your study by the time you graduate.

If you like more hands-on work and practical experience, you’ll enjoy the curriculum of a diploma course which is usually 60% academic and 40% practical.

5. You complete your studies sooner

If you choose the pre-U route after SPM followed by a bachelor’s degree, you’d take about 5-6 years to graduate. In contrast, a diploma generally takes 3 years, allowing you to enter the job market and begin earning sooner.

6. Your learning options are flexible

When you come to the point where you feel you need to further your studies to improve your career opportunities, you’d be glad to know that many diplomas are accepted in many local and overseas universities that lead to a bachelor’s degree. Plus many degree programmes are offered in different study modes like distance learning, part-time, and full-time. You can choose to work and continue your bachelor’s degree at the same time. As a bonus, and you might have the chance to build up your contacts in the working world through your fellow classmates.

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