Laila Taib Scholarship

Laila Taib Scholarship is available to all KLT students who met the entry requirements of each respective programmes and is on a first-come-first-serve basis. This provides a great opportunity for students who wish to pursue their higher education, at an affordable cost.

​Laila Taib Scholarship covers the tuition fees and accommodation at KLT, allowing students to nurture their interest in the chosen field for their future without the financial burden. Thus, KLT calls out to all students to take up the challenge to pursue their higher education with KLT, as education is the key to success in this age of globalization and modernization.

​Besides, PTPTN or the National Higher Education Fund is also open for application to all KLT students to cover their living expenses during their studies at KLT, should they require it.

Terms & Conditions

  1. The applicant has to be a Malaysian.
  2. The applicant should not be more than 21 years old.
  3. The applicant has to fulfill the entry requirements of the programme as below:


With effective from 2019 intakes, terms and conditions of Laila Taib Scholarship shall be revised as follows:

Result Program Fee Waiver Hostel Fee Waiver
              i. SPM minimum 2As & 3Cs
              ii. UEC minimum 2As & 3Bs
100% 100%
              i. SPM minimum 2Bs & 3Cs
              ii. UEC minimum 1A & 4Bs
70% 50%
              i. SPM minimum 5 credits
              ii. UEC minimum 5Bs
              iii. Accredited certificate OR equivalents
50% 0%