Virtual Career Talk: Malaysian Institute of Accountants and the Accountancy Profession in Malaysia

It was a very fruitful afternoon for the students of Diploma in Accounting, KLT to participate in a Career Talk, organized by Malaysian Institute of Accountants and supported by the Department on the 11th of December, 2020.

Registering with MIA is considered the ultimate aim for Accounting graduates or anyone pursuing the Accounting profession. The talk mainly revolved around the pathway to register with MIA after graduating their tertiary education in accounting. A clear picture was painted for the students on how to prepare themselves in getting themselves registered with MIA in the future. For the Final Year students, suggestions were given by the speakers to either pursue a degree or register with professional bodies such as ACCA, CPA and etc. with the latter being a better, more professional pathway.

It was indeed a great honor to have Ms. Sandra Lim, Senior Executive of MIA Sarawak Regional office as the speaker of the talk and co-speaker Ms. Eleanor Shim, Head of MIA Sarawak Regional office for their insightful messages to the students.