KLT PCB designing & prototyping workshop

The Department of Electrical & Electronic Engineering of KLT organized a workshop on designing and prototyping Printed Circuit Board (PCB) for their students from 21st to 26th February 2020.

The workshop provided students with knowledge on designing circuit on printed circuit board using one of the popular CAD software, Eagle.

From the design stage using the software, students will produce the real PCB using a CNC machine. This is different from the conventional way of producing PCB through the etching process. The PCB milling process using the CNC machine requires no etching chemical which is harmful to the environment, therefore no used chemical disposal problem will arise. By using the CNC machine to mill the PCB, the students were also exposed to advance computer controlled machining.

Soldering is one of the basic skills that every E&E student has to master. The workshop also provided the students with a hands on experience in soldering of circuit board.