Influence and Make an Impact

“Great leaders communicate and great communicators lead.” – Simon Sinek

In line with the intention to nurture students to be great leaders in the future, the Department has taken the initiative to invite Mr. Deric Tang to talk to our students on the topic ‘Influence and Make an Impact’ on the 9th of April, 2021.

Mr. Deric Tang is the Product Manager at Treal Technology and the co-founder of BB Bird Nest & Honey. He is also the Vice-President of Public Relations of MAD Toastmasters Club. As a leader and a toastmaster himself, Mr. Deric gave a very impactful talk to the students highlighting the important criteria of a leader. Bringing in his own personal experience as both a subordinate and a leader, his was able to explain leadership from both perspectives which is very practical for the students.

 Quoting Mr. Deric, leaders should possess the CEO ability a.k.a. Communication, Empathy and Optimistic. Prioritize listening in communication to listen; be empathetic to trust and better understand subordinates; and, be optimistic with ideas and suggestions. A leader should not be too full of themselves as that will close all doors to communications and ideas.