KLT 2018 Family Day

A loud cheer from the orange team after winning the KLT Family Day 2018 which left other 11 teams behind was the joy of the KLT 2018 Family Day Champion.

Purposely the annual event, the family day was held in conjunction of the coming of the new 2018 intake. Over 150 students and 40 staffs of KLT participated in the family day as it started from Zumba and progress to other activities such as stations games with 12 groups to compete for the title as the KLT 2018 Family Day Champion. The event took place for almost a day and it was held at the KLT campus at Brooke’s Drive, Sibu. Such event is held to enhance both students and staffs relationships apart from building a team building values, boosting confidence and developing unity among the newly recruited students of 2018. The event also comes to success from the cooperation and support from the surrounding community such as parents and individuals who are willing to make the event successful. The KLT staff and students are grateful over the support they received for them to make the event a great success.