Rero Robotic Workshop

In line with MDEC #mydigitalmaker movement and MOE’s initiatives to transform Malaysian youth from digital users to producers in the digital economy, rero Jelajah 1Malaysia 2018 event is held throughout the country to empower teachers and student leaders to bring robotics and coding to the masses.  KLT Electrical and Electronic Enigneering Department had invited the rero Edu team to organise the robotic workshop to the students as one of the department’s annual activities.

The workshop was held on 27th April 2018 (Friday) from 8:00 am to 12:00 pm with involvement of all Electrical & Electronic Engineering students and Architecture Year 2 students.  During the training session, trainer had introduced the rero junior to the students and conducted a series of trainings to interact with the robot.  For an instant, the students had learnt how to teach the robot to move forward, reverse, turn left/right, blinking eyes with different colours, obstacle detection, line tracking etc.  Students were excited and enthusiastic to learn the robotic codings and completed all the tasks even though it was the first time they have exposure to robotic coding.

The event was successful to introduce robotic coding to the students and also stimulate the students in learning new technology.