Kolej Laila Taib adopting 3D printing into education

Open source software and hardware open up the opportunities to all to learn and use software and hardware at greatly reduced price or even for free. 3D printer is one of the best examples result of open source software and hardware development. It started to capture the interest of the masses in recent years as 3D printers becomes so affordable that everyone can have a unit on their desk.

3D printing also causes a change in the way both small companies and industrial giants construct and design their products. Prototyping of product becomes easier with emergence of the high resolution 3D printers.

3D printing is also gaining popularity in education field in recent years. 3D printing allows student to produce low cost model and hardware. Our students are using 3D printer to print out the hardware mechanism like gears, casing and support structures of their projects. With 3D printer, students have the chance to experience the process from very beginning design stage of their own 3D model to nice looking final product of their project.

At KLT, we conduct AutoCad and Fusion 360 3D modelling workshop from time to time free for students to learn the required knowledge relevant to industrial needs.

There are many benefits of using 3D printers in classroom. 3D printing give students exciting experience from the creation of the model to final real object that you can hold in hand, not just on computer screen or in text book. This opens up new possibilities for activities that complements the curriculum.  

With 3D printer students are able to involve in real hardware design and building even before entering real industrial working environment. This will allow students to learn that final product comes from multiple times of failures and retries. They become less afraid to attempt and try new ideas. It helps building up self-motivated and confident students.  

3D printer itself is actually complicated CNC machine that needs hardware and software tuning to get a perfect printing result. Students using 3D printer will promote troubleshooting and problem solving skills. This is not what students can learn in text book during their normal studies.

By adopting 3D printing into education, it makes possible for every student to dream bigger and better.

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