Kolej Laila Taib: E-learning Ecosystem (E-Ecosystem)

The pandemic has caused huge disruption to our daily routine and changed the way we live our lives. It has impacted the teaching and learning approaches of an institution, forcing the conversion of traditional education to online education. To a certain extent, it has changed students’ learning habits, but in the meantime, raised students’ awareness and the usage of online learning. In view of this, online education took its trend during the pandemic.

In times of the pandemic, Kolej Laila Taib (KLT) shifted its teaching approaches to cater the uncertainty. To prevent pandemic from delaying the learning and development of current students, online education is inevitable. Suspension of classes will bring great impacts to students. With the initiative of “Classes suspended but learning continues”, KLT moves towards online education and expects it will bring the desired outcomes. It is definitely not easy if you want to make a breakthrough in online education. After explorations and considerations, the Management has successfully adopted the 4E Teaching Methods during the pandemic. This system contains 4 major elements, which includes (1) Engagement, (2) Enrichment, (3) Enhancement, and (4) Encouragement.

Engagement in the 4E Teaching Methods is to get students involved in online learning. Lecturers will ask students to participate and express their personal thoughts and opinions. Lack of social interaction is one of the barriers to online learning. Internet has widened the gap between people and set up barriers for direct emotional communication which will indirectly affect students’ learning. Therefore, lecturers will have an idea of students’ progress and pace of learning when students express their ideas in class.

As for Enrichment, in order to solidify learning, lecturers instills students with extra knowledge and industry insights. For example, organizing online seminar (such as Fusion360 seminars, AutoCAD seminars, BIM seminars, etc.) is also a feasible way for students to acquire extra knowledge and experiences.

While for Enhancement, lecturers will ask students to apply what they have learned in the online seminars, progressing the students to a higher level in term of their knowledge. For example: In Building Information Modeling (BIM) seminar, students get to integrate 2D and 3D features which allows them to convert drawing to model.

The last element, Encouragement, KLT pays attention to students’ emotions throughout the learning process. A number of studies has shown that emotions are highly correlated with attention, memory, and strategies used in the learning process. Thus, lecturers spend time in online classes to care about students’ well-being, which in return knowing whether students focus on their studies and show effort on their work.

KLT is committed in improving our online education system to meet college’s vision and mission. We welcome students with SPM, UEC or equivalent qualifications to join us to make your dream comes true. For more information about our college and the scholarships, please call 084-311 888 or WhatsApp to us at 016-380 9818. You can also visit our official website at http://www.KLT.edu.my