KLT Open Day 2018

Once again KLT had successfully organized the Open Day on 14th April 2018. The annual event is to promote the April intake which the registration will end this coming 30th April 2018. This open day also gives an opportunity to the former SPM candidates to get themselves to know the programs offered by KLT apart from engaging themselves with the environment of learning in a higher learning institution like KLT.

Public who came to the open day also have the opportunity to make the open day merrier through games and competitions held. Spaghetti Bridge and 3 on 3 basketball competition were held and it was participated by seven schools; SMK Methodist, SMK Kwong Hua, SMK Bandar Sibu, SMK Tiong Hin, SMK Rosli Dhoby, SMK Bukit Lima and Catholic High. SMK Bandar Sibu won the Spaghetti bridge competition and Catholic High Sibu won the 3 on 3 basketball competition. Visitors and KLT community also have the opportunity to give back by participating in the blood donation that is collaborated with the Sibu general Hospital and the Sibu Health Department. As to make the open day lively, lucky draw were also held.