KLT participated in the 34th Architectural Student Workshop 2023

“Architecture is the learned game, correct & magnificent, of forms assembled in the light.” –Le Corbusier (Architect)

The 34th Architectural Student Workshop 2023, with the theme “REWIND” was hosted by UCSI University, the School of Architecture and Built Environment. The workshop was held from the 8th – 11th August 2023 at the magnificent Resort Taman Eko Rimba Komanwel (RTERK) situated in Rawang, Selangor, Malaysia.

For the past 33 years, the annual event has serves as a platform and opportunity for all architectural students from both public and private higher institution in Malaysia to gather together. The aims of the workshop is to convene, interact, fostering the growth of meaningful relationships and the development of a collaborative architectural community.

For this year, the department of Architecture from Kolej Laila Taib was cordially invited by the host to join the workshop with the 16 universities. The Architectural Students Association, ASA, has sent a team of 15 architecture students and 2 advisors to participate in the main competitions, such as the Society Rebuild, Recurring Memories and Wreath of Rivalry. Other sub competitions also includes Record of Nomads and Alchemy of Light.

Furthermore, it is also the first time in the history of architectural workshop that being held at the nature park through a camping theme compared to previous workshops which are organized at various university campus. Participants not only learned to install the tents and foster a cooperative team spirit among themselves, but also express their thought, opinions and interaction in each activity modules by expressing their creativity.

Last but not least, the annual event provides a lot of inputs and create an eye-opener for our students to expose their skillset, motivate self-independence and cultivate team spirit among themselves.

See you next year in KAMPAR, host by UTAR in 2024!!!