KLT Site Visitation to Golden Height

On 14th July 2023, a group of 30 students and 6 lecturers from KLT QS, CE & EE departments visited an apartment development along Jalan Tun Ahmad Zaidi Adruce, Sibu. The developer of this project is Sendayan Group of Companies, and the main contractor Zellcom Sdn. Bhd. The site visit aims to expose students to actual construction process. Mr. Ting, the project director, and Mr. Alex Tiong, the site engineer lead the site visitation.

               According to Mr. Ting, this project commenced since October 2022, and is expected to be completed by end of September 2024. There are two blocks of 10-storey apartments, 115 units for each apartment.  This project provides Sri Pertiwi affordable houses which aimed at those Sarawak family where the household income falls between RM 4000-RM10,000.

               The apartment is using transferred beams and shear wall system instead of load bearing wall system. This design will greatly reduce the usage of columns and provides more space. On the other hand, Mr Ting stressed that resources such as time and labour is reduced abundantly by using reinforced concrete wall as it requires less labour and can be completed in shorter time. This project also applies plastic formwork instead of plywood formwork which allow longer life span and smoother surface of the concrete wall.

               At the same time, Mr. Alex Tiong also showed the safety measures that being implemented on sites, such as temporary staircase to higher level, temporary handrail along the in-progress staircase, and also the temporary railing support for workers on top of the wall.

               It was a beneficial experience that all participants learn different type of construction methodology and able to witness the actual site activities.