KLT Educational Visit to Bakun Hydroelectric Plant

Educational visits / field trips always effectively promote real-world learning, social-emotional development and academic success. Not only it is a fun and a memorable time, there are constant opportunities for students to expand their own individual tacit knowledge crucial to higher level learning and problem solving skills.  KLT School of Engineering had organised a field trip to Bakun Hydroelectric Plant on 4th February 2023.  There were 32 participants for this educational visit which included 24 students (EE – 9; CE – 10 and QS – 5) and also 8 lecturers.

This educational visit aimed to promote experiential learning through exposure of real workplace environment.  In addition, it also helped to engage closer relationship among the students and lecturers.

Bakun Dam is an embankment dam located 180 km from Bintulu on the Balui River. There is a small bakun township which consists of the power plant, staff residential houses, clinic, recreational facilities etc.  Bakun Dam is the largest Hydroelectric Power Plant in Malaysia with an installed capacity of 2,400 MW.   Owned and operated by Sarawak Energy since 2017, currently it could supply around 50% – 60% of power demand of Sarawak.

During the visit, the students were briefed on the background of Sarawak Energy, construction and features of Bakun HEP.  After that the students were brought to the site and briefed by the engineers on the operations of the power plant.

This field trip was successful with all the objectives being achieved. The visit exposed them to the working environment and operations of a hydroelectric plant and thus stimulate students’ interest for their future internship/career.