Kolej Laila Taib – Educational Trip to Penang

A group of 24 Architecture & Interior Architecture students, accompanied by their 4 lecturers, went on an educational trip to Penang from 16th to 20th of November, 2022.

The objective of this trip is to provide students the opportunity to explore George Town, which has the reputation of UNESCO World Heritage Site, featuring Malaysia’s best restored and re-adaptive traditional architecture. Students are able to broaden their horizons, and to further understand the blend of the diverse local culture.

The first destination was Penang Hill, also known as the back yard of Penang. It has rich cultural history, secret beauty, and tropical ecology. It is an excellent natural attraction in Penang. From experiencing up close with nature and appreciating the pristine rainforest ecology, the students went on to visit the TOP Komtar, which dominates Penang with its 68-storey building. Strolling on the rainbow skywalk on the top floor, one can overlook the beautiful scenery of the prosperous city. For the next few days, the students also visited the Blue Mansion (the former residence of Cheong Fatt Tze) and the Peranakan Museum to understand the exquisite design and space usage of traditional buildings. In addition, interior architecture students also visited some boutique hotel and themed restaurants to learn about creative interior space planning, collocation of building materials, furniture arrangement, and etc.

During the trip, students also visited Penang Equator College, grabbing the opportunity to appreciate the students’ artworks, including costume designs, art paintings, sculptures, and etc.

This educational trip also included team building at the ESCAPE theme park. Through a series of outdoor activities, students managed to relieve the pressure of schoolwork and life, stimulate cognition and potential, enhance team cohesion and fighting spirit, and thus devote themselves to schoolwork more effectively.

Students benefited a lot from this educational trip to Penang.