Rethink Marketing: Are You Selling or Shiok Sendiri

Marketing is dynamic, requires constant changing and adapting to changes in the environment. As budding or future entrepreneurs or players of the industry, it is definitely beneficial to hear from industry players of what works and what doesn’t.

On 23rd July, 2021, fellow alumnus of Kolej Laila Taib, Mr. Henry Lee Yan Fong was invited to talk to the students of the Department of Business Management, on the title: Rethink Marketing – Are You Selling or Shiok Sendiri. Mr. Henry is currently running his own business, JHGROUP PLT with his partner, in Sibu. He is also the 2021 JCI Malaysia Area Sarawak Digital Transformation Director and 2021 Sibu Chinese Chamber of Commerce & Industry Youth Entrepreneur Committee Self-Media Assistant Chairperson.

Mr. Henry made the talk very interactive, constantly interacting with the students and relate his talk to the students’ knowledge and questions. This has successfully captured the attention and heart of the students as the students felt personally involved and related to the content of the talk. 70% of the students said the talk was inspiring.

Comments from the students:

The talk by Mr. Henry is important and greatly connects to reality and life. – Winnie Lim

The talk taught me the importance of going to the university. Only with sufficient knowledge of the market, we can avoid or reduce the risk of entrepreneurial failure. – Chuo Ying Ying

For those of us who have not entered the workplace, it is very beneficial to be able to listen to the experience and sharing of an entrepreneur. Regardless of whether we will engage in marketing in the future, at least I will not be unfamiliar and confused with the field. – Josselyn Lim Hui Xing

Need to think beyond the basic knowledge, understand how customers think and take each step patiently. – Christina Yong Pei Kiew