Misconceptions about Business Management

When you ask people around you ‘Can I study Business Management?’ you may get people telling you “Why? Business need to study one meh?”, “Not easy eh, can you do it?”, “This one no job do one” or “Nice. Next time you can work in big companies”. Ever wonder why there are no consistent opinions? Maybe we can clear some of those inconsistencies.

Misconception 1: Business is easy

You may frequently hear people telling you that business is easy, there is no point studying for it; if you’re good, and if you are willing to learn, you will know how to do business eventually.

However, ‘to do business’ successfully, you’ll need the knowledge of, just to name a few:

  • Marketing – how do you market your products or services or yourself/your company to the targeted group of people;
  • Human resource management – employees are the assets of a business, without them, nothing is going to run, your one-man-show is not going to bring you anywhere near success. So, how to you handle employees (lower or higher ranking) to work whole-heartedly for the business?
  • Basic accounting and financial management – you need to know where does the money come from and where does it go after that, and do you manage the money wisely so it will bring you more money.

And most importantly a set of skills including communication, negotiation, adaptability, and etc. for you to put your knowledge into practice.

In Kolej Laila Taib, our Diploma in Business Management exposes the students to these knowledge and we too train students throughout the three years to possess, if not master, the necessary communication skills to cater for day-to-day interactions with stakeholders.

 Misconception 2: Business is general.

Inevitably, business is general. It covers many topics such as marketing, human resource management, strategic management and others because they are interrelated.

These are the building blocks that build the foundation for a student to understand the business industry, from the management level down to the operation level. Missing one of them, one may not be able to grasp the interrelation between different business operations and end up unable to operate a business in a well-rounded manner.

Quoting our students, Ting Kwong Leh: After taking Business Management, I realize it covers many things, and help me to think of a matter from different perspectives. We don’t just learn about making money, we also learn how to manage a company, how to manage employees, and how to bring in more customers.

Misconception 3: One can only open one’s own business after studying Business Management

“You graduate in Business, if you don’t open business, what are you gonna do?”

Has anyone ever said this to you?

The ultimate goal of most Business graduates is definitely to own their own business, big or small. However, one will not be a loser if one does not end up owing a business.

With the exposure to multiple disciplines of business, Business graduates are versatile. Complement with their build-up confidence in communication and decision making, Business graduates are highly adaptable in any industry.

There are plenty of things to explore and learn in Business. One with great interest and humble learning attitude will soar far in the industry. We, in Kolej Laila Taib are happy to walk with you in your baby steps into the world of Business!

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