KLT Architecture programme assuring course quality

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At the end of the semester, Architect Chan Jih Ren was invited to give advice and comments on students’ design works. Dr. Alice, the head of Architecture Department of University Technology Malaysia (UTM) was also visiting the college and participated in the evaluation of the students’ works.

Kolej Laila Taib’s Architecture Department not only pays attention to the quality of students’ works, but also ensures that the strength and knowledge of students can meet the needs of the field.

Architect Chan pointed out to the students as to how to make the space design more practical and environmentally friendly, pin pointed on the choice of building materials used as well as building construction, and so on. It was indeed a very benefitting session for the students.

On the other hand, Dr. Alice reviewed the curriculum and students’ works throughout the year, and considered that the courses of the department are in line with the dual approval of the Ministry of Education and the Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA). She revealed that she welcomes and encourages fresh graduates to apply to enter the University Technology of Malaysia (UTM) for further studies.