Taipei Educational Trip by Architecture Department Kolej Laila Taib

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On the 2nd of October, the final year Architecture students of Kolej Laila Taib went on a 5-day Educational Trip to Taipei with their lecturers. The aims of the trip are to enlighten the students’ knowledge on architecture and designing and to know more on Taiwan’s Universities.

The group visited the Architecture Department of Chung Yuan Christian University. Led by Professor Xie Ming Ye of Chung Yuan Univeristy, the group had the opportunity to visit the campus, had a fruitful conversation with their undergraduates and appreciate the works of their students. The buildings around the campus seemed aged and simple but elegant.

The group also visited a long-established university, Taiwan Aletheia University.  The campus is surrounded by buildings of European designs and a pleasant courtyard at the centre of the University.

Besides renowned universities, the group took the opportunity to visit the famous tourist spots such as Jiufen Old Street. The street is made up of old buildings along a hillside, forming a unique architectural landscape. The matching colors of the buildings to its ancient design is indeed an eye-opener for the students.

The trip included the visit to Yeliu Geopark, Shifen Waterfall and Yangmingshan. The sceneries at these locations triggered greater urge among the students to appreciate nature and aspire to incorporate more environmental and green concepts in their future architectural designs.

The trip benefited the students not only in their knowledge but also their relationships with each other and their lecturers. All in all, the trip is a great success.