Educational Trip of Business Management & Accounting Department

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Business Management and Accounting Department of Kolej Laila Taib conducted a two-day educational trip to Kuching on 13th and 14th June 2019. A total of approximately 63 students and 7 lecturers attended the educational trip, led by the Programme Coordinator of Business Management and Accounting, Dr Ashley Tong. The aim of the trip was to provide students with visual experience in a practical and interesting manner.

Students were given an opportunity to visit P’ Residence Club House, developed by Tenaga Stabil Sdn. Bhd., which is located at the new growth node of Batu Kawah. The management team of P’Residence welcomed all the lectures and students warmly and tour them around the show units. There was a briefing session conducted by the general manager of P’Residence to share about some property knowledge and the concept of P’Residence.

On the second day of the educational trip, all the lecturers and students was paying a visit to Swinburne University of Technology Sarawak Campus. Through the visitation to Swinburne University, students had the opportunity to gain an insight about the background, the Business courses and Professional Accounting courses such as ACCA and CPA offered by Swinburne University. There was a campus tour offered by the marketing team of Swinburne University.

The second destination for the day was scheduled at Tea FM, Sarawak’s first Mandarin Chinese and English local private radio station, which is jointly set up by KTS Group. Through the sharing session, the students gained a better understanding about the unique business principles and excellent business model of KTS Group. Special thanks to Senior Executive of KTS Trading Sdn. Bhd., Kevin Lau for sharing on the background of KTS. The radio host, Tea FM Radio Program Director Amelyn also shared the fun of broadcasting.

Educational trip acts as the foundation for improved learning experience. Learning is more effective when it comes through experience. Students are able to learn from fun and interactive session outside the monotonous college routine and it provides a chance to learn from fresh perspectives. All the lecturers and students enjoyed a lot and benefited from this educational trip.