QS Department’s site visit

A group of 24 students and one lecturer from QS department visited a construction site along Jalan Ling Kai Cheng on 17/05/2019 (Friday). The main objective was to allow the students to develop a greater understanding of how construction technology theory was out into practice through visiting a real time construction project. The site visit was led by Project Manager, Mr Wong and Mr Teu, the site supervisor. The site was developed and constructed by Fabulous Enterprise Sdn. Bhd and comprised of 28 units of 3-storeys shophouses and one unit of 5-storeys showhouse.

According to Mr. Teu, the ground floor of the 5-storey showhouse is 18 feet height and has minimum column design as compared to normal design. This situation thus, led to application of bigger diameter of the rebar in beams, in order to provide sufficient structural support to the building.

Mr Wong, the project manager also stressed that on-site experience is important in order to derive the logical and acceptable quantities during estimation stage and prevent any loss due to underestimation.

The two-hour site visit was indeed an advantage to the students as it equipped them with real life experience!